AVR Advanced board v9.1

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ATMEGA are popular with both industrial developers and hobbyists alike due to their low cost, wide availability, large user base, extensive collection of application notes, availability of low cost or free development tools. They are also commonly used in educational programs.

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Feel free contact us +91-9718445033, +91-724999090

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High quality Atmega microcontroller development board.

  1. The DIP40 locking device, easy to remove the ATMEGA microcontroller for reuse.
  2. 8 independent LED.
  3. 1 * 4 independent keys.
  4. 4* 4 keypad matrix.
  5. RTC DS1307 with battery connector
  6. AT24C02 I2C external memory.
  7. I2C EEPROM Interfaces
  8. The MAX232 chip RS232 communication.
  9. 16X2 LCD interface (character display).
  10. All IO ports pin have extraction and clearly marked.
  11. On Board Power supply 3.3V,5V 12V,GND.
  12. 8 pin DIP switches.
  13. RS232 Connector.
  14. Stackable Arduino shields.
  15. On board ISP Programmer pinouts.
  16. 3 ADC potentiometers.
  17. ON/OFF slide switch.
  18. I2C bus.
  19. SPI Bus.
  20. External jumper nodes.
  21. Board is equipped with LCD 2x16 connector 
  22. Quartz crystal 16 MHz.
  23. ULN 2803 To drive Stepper Motor& Relays.
  24. Reset button.
  25. Power plug-in DC Socket.
  26. Power supply indicator LED.
  27. Test led for Tx, Rx.
  28. 7Seg Multiplexed Display.
  29. Pin outs for 3.3V,12V,5V,GND.
  30. All IO’s are connected by brug stripps for easy connection.
  31. DTMF decoder module
  32. Wireless 433Mhz module
  33. HT12-D IC
  34. USB Power 
  35. wireless remote
  36. best for home automation Projects 

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